"Fashion is architecture - it's just a matter of proportions"
Coco Chanel

Welcome to ZYourself
When it comes to style, it's all about you. How you work it. How you own it. Where you borrowed it. And, in a more practical sense, how you narrow down an avalanche of options to those that work for your figure, your colouring, your personality - your life. Of course, we all struggle with the very basic question of what looks right on us. I can help you to clear up any of your fashion frustrations so that you know what you look good in. I can help you make the most of what you have - and don't have - so that you can make the most of your shape. I can help you blossom at any age and for any occasion. It's all about discovering your individual look

My Philosophy

My name is Zulayka and I'm addicted to purple. Luckily it suits my skin tone. Purple is not for everyone but a woman's style is personal. My philosophy is that your own personal style can be honed at any age. Couture that works for me may not be right for you. Don't just buy clothes that advertisers say you should. Your wardrobe should be composed of pieces that fit and flatter you, garments that tell the world who you are. and choices that won't embarrass either of us in the morning. You need to own clothes that make sense for the life you lead - but you should also think about how you wish your life could be, and dress accordingly.

My style has been honed through years of triumphs and mistakes. I know my figure's plusses and pitfalls and how to exploit and avoid them. Since I am top-heavy, I have to avoid ruffled tops, big collars, basically anything that creates too much volume on top. I can't slavishly follow trends and neither should you. The trick, however, is to always progress, not hide in last year's, or last decade's, comfort zone. Every woman can learn to be modern and stylish in her own way. I can help you develop the knowledge and confidence to showcase your style rather than apologize for it.

Your Body Shape

You don't have to have a perfect body to look stylish. Luckily, the truth is that few women have bodies like models. The secret is to know how to dress your body type no matter if you are a curvy plus-size, a petite string bean or somewhere in between. You need to know what works best for your body shape and optimize your assets.

Your Budget

If you're building a wardrobe on a budget, a wander down any chic shopping street can ruin your morale. And if you think money alone can buy style, one length of the PC Hooftstraat should squash that illusion.

But new clothes don't have to break the bank.

Just a few good essentials can help you fashion a complete wardrobe within your budget. You don't need five designer suits, just the right one that fits you like a glove. It'll take on a new guise every time you accessorize it differently.

Your Confidence

Confidence in how you look is the most important factor in creating a personal style. You need to feel good in your clothes. If a garment in your closet doesn't fit your unique personality -- or your hips or your social life -- give it to your favourite charity! The last thing you need every morning is to gaze at your closet and be depressed by an ill-fitting or inappropriate selection. If you walk like a million dollars, you'll look like a million dollars - simple as that!

Fashion isn't rocket science, but it can take some thought and planning to figure out what looks best. That's where ZYourself comes in. I am here to provide you with usable advice, wardrobe must haves , inspiring but not extreme makeovers and some good laughs. Clothes are fun and I intend to make them more fun than ever before. It is like the friend you shop with just became an expert!

Zulayka Esmeralda Martis

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